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Weight Loss Services in Johns Creek, GA
New Body Dimensions

At New Body Dimensions in Johns Creek, GA, our goal is to uncover your inner beauty, rejuvenate your confidence, and make your vision a reality. As field forerunners we provide the most innovative and cost effective programs in weight-loss, and total body health. Clients experience an ambiance of true relaxation during their time with us. All personalized applications are safe, painless, and effective in providing clients with genuine results.
Our educated, professional staff is dedicated to uncovering your “new body dimensions.”

How It Works

Light emitting pads are placed on the body areas to be treated. Red light (630nM) and near-infrared light (880 nM) penetrate the skin to the subcutaneous fat layer, causing fat cells to open. Glycerol and triglycerides are emulsified and move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer of skin. These fatty acids are then burned as energy and naturally excreted from the body. During a series of treatments and vibration therapy, fat cells reduce in size resulting in loss of weight and inches.